Custom Engraved Bracelet - Elegant

$52.00 USD
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Sometimes, timeless accessories like personalized bracelets are some of the most eloquent pieces when it comes to reflecting your unique style. Top them off with your choice of engraving, customized engraved bracelets become cherished mementos or celebrated expressions of individuality.

Your personalised bracelets, your way:  

  • Customizable with up to 24 English letters
  • Classy, elegant letter type
  • Available in stainless steel and gold 
  • Tarnish and rust resistant
  • Comes in a gorgeous gift box

Get yours today:

  1. Select your custom engraved bracelet color
  2. May accommodate up to 24 English letters in upper and/or lower case

Your personalized bracelets take time to handcraft. But when you're wearing it, you'll know it's worth the wait.